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Dissertations and research projects

Online study guides for every stage of your research project, from planning to writing up. Also includes advice on writing a remote dissertation while social distancing measures are in place.

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Academic research foundations - quantitative

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Test and improve your understanding with the Research Principles and Projects, Dissertations and Reports topics in the interactive Skills for Study package.  NB. You'll need to create an account for your first access to Skills for Study, but afterwards you can simply use the Institutional Account login.

   Research principles section in Skills4Study interactive package        Skills4Study section on projects, dissertations and reports


Need new strategies for literature searching for your dissertation? Finding it difficult to find relevant sources? This short online course includes useful guidance on Boolean searching and how to find materials on your research topic.

Text reads: Module 2 - Efficient discovery and research curation. The image shows a women working with a laptop on her knee at home.