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Student remote working guide: Covid-19


If you have any problems following the advice please contact Hallam Help‚Äč.

Why is the internet slow?

The demand on home broadband is now extreme. Here are some top tips to improve your broadband performance:

  • If you connect via Wifi make sure you have a good strong signal. Can you move closer to your router?
  • Turn on your radio or watch broadcast TV rather than stream music or video whenever possible.
  • Turn off video when on Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate or other communication tools.
  • If you have to stream video, can you reduce the resolution- reducing from 4K to HD, or HD to SD is about a 75% bandwidth saving each time.
  • Be aware of what everyone else at home is doing on the internet and work with them to not overload things when you need to work.
  • Giving your broadband router a reboot from time to time can help prevent issues, maybe once a week?


During the Covid-19 pandemic it is possible you will be required to learn from home and use online services more frequently than before. It is important to remember your behaviour online can impact on yourself and others. 

Find out more about netiquette. 

Cyber Aware

Phishing attacks

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 and the steps Universities are having to make to accommodate home working there has been a spike in phishing attempts across the sector.

Please be wary of emails or phone calls you are not expecting that are asking you to do something, often with an urgent time limit.

If in doubt:

  • Check the sender. The new external email caution banner helps to identify external senders, treat these more cautiously
  • Check the address of any links in the email. Hover the mouse over the link before clicking and look at the address it is going take you to (usually in the bottom left of the screen)
  • Check the website address if you have already clicked a link. Don’t assume it’s a University website because it uses our branding – fraudsters are good at copying
  • Stop and think before logging-in. If anything at all feels ‘off’ then don’t go any further, contact the IT Service Desk