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Student remote working guide: Equipment & Software


If you have any problems following the advice please contact IT Help.

What devices can I use?

Personal devices that are capable of connecting to University services:

  • Windows PCs and laptops
  • iMacs and MacBooks
  • iPads and iPhones
  • Android tablets and phones

Other devices may offer limited functionality.

You might want to consider connecting your device to a TV or monitor. 

What does a device need to have on it?


The key piece of software you need is a web browser as a lot of services are accessed via the internet.

Operating Systems:

  • Windows PC or laptop - needs Windows 7 or later.

  • Apple iMac  or MacBook - should have the latest Mac OS operating system that your device will support.

  • iPad or iPhone - should have the latest IOS operating system that your device will support.
  • Android tablet or phone - needs the latest version of Android that it will support.

Please check your device for any updates that need installing. Devices not listed may not support remote working.

Free Software: 

As a student you have access to free and discounted software.

Microsoft Office

If there is one main thing to emphasise to make your life simple it is that you can access and use Word, Excel and all the other Microsoft apps with a single log in to the Office 365 portal. 

To access it go to Office365 and logon. 

Which web browser should I use?

University systems are tested on the following web browsers so these are the recommended ones to use:

  • Windows 7 -  use Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome
  • Windows 10 -  use Edge and Chrome
  • Apple Mac - use Safari and Chrome
  • iPhone and iPad - use Safari and Chrome
  • Android Phone - use your devices default browser and Chrome

Having Chrome installed as well as your device's default browser is useful as some services will work better in Chrome.

How can I access my work favourites / bookmarks when working remotely?


If you use Chrome as your default browser at work and you signed in to Google, your bookmarks will be available remotely when you use Chrome and sign in with the same account that you use at work. 


Internet Explorer (IE)

Note if you have ever used IE at work this method will give you access to the favourites you had the last time you used it.

As you do not sign in to Internet Explorer your favourites will not be available when working remotely. There is a workaround if you need access to some critical favourites:

  1. Go to MyFiles and logon using just your SHU username and password.  (NOT your, just your SHU username)

  2. Make sure Home drive is highlighted in the left hand panel.

  3. Select the Zenith folder in the central panel and navigate to the IExplore\Favorites sub-folder

  4. You will find a file for each of your favourites which you can select and then open the link.

  5. Save these as favourites in your browser at home



If you use Edge (on Windows 10) please bear with us and we will update this advice if we find a solution

Remote access software

To help you when working remotely a lot of software that was previously only available on campus is now available to install on your own device or is accessible remotely.

As licence and technical factors impact on how software can be accessed there are several methods that you may need to use.

The simplest is software that you can install yourself. For other methods check out our accessing software overview

Alternatively find out how to access software from AppsAnywhere at home.