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Maths and Stats Support

Maths and Stats Support

What is Maths and Stats Support (MASS)?

At Hallam, we understand that not everyone finds mathematics and statistics a walk in the park. Whatever you are undertaking modules with mathematical or statistical content or carrying out quantitative research, we are here for you irrelevant of your discipline. We're here to help you conquer those numbers, equations, data sets and software with a smile.

What We Offer

  1. Drop-Ins: No need for an appointment! Just swing by, at any point during the advertised session, when you need assistance. You can come alone or bring a friend or form a study group. Our friendly team is always ready to help, whether it's a quick question or a complex problem.

  2. One-to-One Bookable Appointments: Book an appointment, and our expert tutors will work with you, at your pace, to ensure you grasp those challenging concepts.

  3. Online Support: For those busy days or when you're studying from afar, we're just a click away. Join us virtually for the same quality support you'd get in person.

  4. In-Person Sessions: If you prefer a face-to-face interaction, we've got physical locations where you can meet our tutors. Feel free to drop by for a maths or stats chat and friendly face!

  5. Workshops:For some core topics particularly relating to quantitative research, sign up for one of our taught workshop sessions.

  6. Resources: Access to a wide range of resources covering core topics you can access anytime

All Are Welcome

No matter your background or the degree you're pursuing, our doors are wide open. Whether you're just looking to pass a course, aiming for top grades or wanting to excel in your dissertation, we're here to assist you on your mathematical or statistical journey.

Confidentiality and No Reporting

Our free service is entirely confidential, and nothing you share with us will ever be reported back to your tutors or lecturers. We're here to help you, not to add to your academic stress.

Why Come Along

  • Friendly and approachable tutors who make maths and stats less intimidating.
  • Flexible support options to fit your schedule and preferences.
  • A judgment-free zone where no question is too basic or too complex.

So, whether you're struggling with calculus, puzzling over statistics, or just want to polish your maths skills, remember that we're here to make your academic journey smoother and more enjoyable. Reach out to us, and let's tackle those maths and stats challenges together. Your success is our success!

For an overview of what the stats service we provide, watch this short video .

Who we are

Meet Your Awesome Maths and Stats Support Tutors!

Ever wondered who's got your back when it comes to tackling those maths and stats challenges? Meet the fantastic folks from our MASS (Maths and Stats Support) team! These tutors aren't just numbers whizzes; they're your friendly guides on your mathematical/statistical journey.

Our Tutors:

Our team is a blend of enthusiastic lecturers from the engineering and maths department who are passionate about helping you succeed. Our tutors aren't just here to teach; they're here to inspire and make your learning experience memorable. With their support, maths and stats become not just subjects but exciting adventures waiting to be explored.

So, don't hesitate to reach out to them for help, guidance, or just a friendly chat. They're excited to get to know you and help you succeed on your academic journey!

The Maths Support Team

For enquiries about maths support, contact Sarah at

Sarah Woodall

Mathematics Support Coordinator

Specialism: Foundation Maths, Engineering Maths, Maths for Computing


Dr Alexandra Shukie

Specialism: Engineering Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

I'm a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Engineering and Mathematics. My expertise lies in engineering maths, and I teach various maths modules on the foundation year, the engineering degrees and the maths degree. I've been a part of the Hallam community since 2017 and have actively contributed to maths support during my time here. If you require assistance with maths, whether it's topics from GCSE, A-level, engineering or maths degree courses, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to make maths a little less intimidating and a lot more understandable for you.

The Stats Support Team

The majority of the statistics support is provided by Ellen Marshall with additional help from PhD students from the Department of Psychology and Sociology.  Please note that Ellen is leaving the University in May 2024 and not being replaced so stats support may not be available after this time.  Only Ellen accesses emails to so emails after this time will not be answered

Ellen Marshall (leaving May 2024)

Statistics support coordinator and main stats tutor
Specialism: Applied statistics, SPSS, Jamovi, SAS, Excel

I'm a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Engineering and Mathematics where I teach L4 and L5 Mathematics students all about statistics as well as running the stats support side of this service! My expertise lies in quantitative research methods using a variety of statistical packages and to students from a wide range of disciplines.  I am fully aware that statistics is daunting to a lot of students and am currently undertaking a PhD in strategies to reduce anxiety about statistics so I can help you reduce anxiety and learn stats!  As well as providing most of the statistics support I have developed most of the resources on our website including maths and stats anxiety workshop and resources.


Lewis Coates

Statistics support tutor (Wednesday online session)

Where to find us

Adsetts library

Adsetts stairs

Adsetts 6th floor

City campus sessions are held in rooms on the 6th floor of Adsetts
Enter through the main entrance on the 4th floor and go up the stairs to the 6th floor



Adsetts library Stats support is held in the computer room 6624.
Go right at the top of the stairs then left to the computer room 6624




Adsetts library              Maths support is held in the study room 6613.

Adsetts library

Currently only stats support sessions are held at Collegiate Campus but there are plenty of online maths drop in sessions for students if you can't get to city campus




Stats sessions locationAdsetts library

Collegiate sessions are in room C106 on the 1st floor of Collegiate library

Enter through the main entrance and go up the stairs in front of you to the 1st floor

Go straight ahead and slightly to the right to the computer room C106

Online academic skills drop-in Wednesdays 4-5:30pm    

Every Wednesday at least one statistics advisor is available at the academic skills online drop in.  Just go to the virtual room during those times and ask for stats help.
Online location:

Bookable online appointments with Ellen  
Online location: Ellen's virtual room

General statistics workshops  
Online location: Stats support teaching room

Online academic skills drop-in Wednesdays 4-5:30pm    

Every Wednesday a maths support advisor is available at the academic skills online drop in.  Just go to the virtual room during those times and ask for mathshelp.
Online location:


All other online sessions 

All other online maths drop in sessions will be held in the Maths Support online room.
Online location: Maths support general sessions



Information for staff

Want to advertise the service to your students?

Most students who visit us hear about us from academic staff so adding links to our service to Blackboard and reminding students about the service in class increases the likelihood of them benefiting from our additional support. We have advertising we can share with you in the form of printable posters/leaflets, videos/slides and interactive leaflets with direct links to key webpages.


Our general bookable workshops are available to all students and staff so please do signpost your students to those that would be helpful to them and feel free to attend yourself to brush up on your research or maths skills!  If you have many students who would benefit from a particular topic, let us know and we may be able to have one off workshops rather than see them individually. This is particularly true for dissertation students where many of them need help with similar techniques.

Contact us

To find out more contact our coordinators:
Maths Support: Sarah Woodall
Stats Support: Ellen Marshall