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Maths and Stats Support

Maths and Stats Support

Maths Support Resources

Select the headings below to explore the resources in each area. Note that we can also provide guidance on a wide range of other topics, from Fourier Analysis to Eigenvectors.  We are still updating our website so not all resources may be available yet.  If there are any additional resources that you would like to see here, please contact us.

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External Resources

  • Skills for Study
    Tutorials to give you confidence with numbers
  • Math Centre
    Demos, exercises and tests, categorised by subject area and skill level
  • Math World
    Help with everything from algebra to topology
  • Helping Engineers Learn Maths (HELM)
    Workbooks with examples, case studies, interactive exercises and self-test materials
  • MathTutor
    Video tutorials with diagnostics, summary text and exercises, from arithmetic through to trigonometry

Also see our maths help sessions, and the stats help resources