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Finding books on the shelf

Most books for Sport can be found in Collegiate Library  . However, you may need to use books based in Adsetts Library for some modules.  These can also be requested to be transferred to Collegiate for you to collect.

You can find books on Library Search,  by searching for title, author or subject. You will also find books on your module reading lists.

.To find the print books on the shelves once you have looked them up on Library Search or your reading list, you will need to make a note of the shelfmark.

  • A shelfmark is a number code that describes the subject of the book, eg 371.30281: books on the same subject have the same number and are together on the shelves
  • The number code in a shelfmark is also followed by two or three letters, usually taken from the title or author's name, eg COT: This is to tell apart books on the same subject, so note down these letters as well as the number!
  • There is a number sequence from 001 to 999 which runs through the books at both libraries. Signs on the end of each row of shelves tell you what numbers are on those shelves.
  • Numbers are decimal, so 370.01 is before 370.1
  • Books with the same number are arranged in alphabetical order by the letters, eg 371.30281/BAT is before 371.30281/COU
Subject Shelfmark
Some useful shelfmark numbers for sport
Biomechanics 612.76
Disabled Sport 796.087
Drugs in Sport 615.7
Outdoor Education 796.5
Sociology of Sport 306.483
Sport 796
Sport Management 796.069

You can find more information about borrowing, requesting and returning books from the Borrowing from the Library pages:


As well as print books, the Library also has thousands of ebooks. These are slightly different to the ebooks you might have previously used on on a Kindle, Kobo, or similar device or app. The ebooks from the Library aren't tied down to a single device and are designed to be accessed remotely, so you can access them from off-campus. You can find more information on this introduction to ebooks:

You can find and read ebooks by searching on Library Search. You will also find links to ebooks from your module reading lists. The ebooks are set up so you can log in to read them with your normal Sheffield Hallam username and password.

eBooks will normally give you the options to either read the book online or download it. There are several different ebook platforms: while they generally behave in broadly the same way, there are some minor differences between platforms. You can find out more about using ebooks from the ebook help pages, including more information on the major platform, with links to their help and accessibility pages:

Oxford Very Short Introductions

Research and dissertation guides

Recommend something for the library

We love books... and are always looking for new publications to support your learning and teaching, and to keep the library collections up to date with high-quality materials.  If you think we're missing something crucial though, we'd like to hear about it.  You can let us know here.

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