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What are journals and journal databases?

Journal articles are a key source of information.

When someone carries out a piece of research, a journal article is usually the format they will choose to publish their research. So, if you want to keep up with the latest research, you need to read journal articles. They also contain the high level of technical detail and nuance you will need for professional work.

Most journal articles are available online. You can search for journal articles on Library Search like books. But there are also dedicated databases which specialise in particular subject areas: because these concentrate on a single subject, they can offer more targeted, sophisticated search tools than a general purpose search engine or database, giving you superior search results.

SportsDiscus is the best place to begin any sports related search!

General purpose databases

These databases cover a wide range of subjects, of which sport-related material comprises just a small fraction.

However, these databases are also absolutely huge, so that 'small fraction' can still be a vast number of relevant articles! Several of these databases also include advanced search features, which give you new ways of finding articles.

What are the key databases for exercise science and coaching?

What are the key databases for sport psychology and psychological tests?

What are the key databases for physical education and school sport?

What are the key databases for sport business management?

What are the key databases for sport studies?

Database Searching Tips

Split your assignment into keywords: 

To find more relevant and fewer results, think about your keywords. Make sure they accurately describe what you are looking for, and add more keywords to make your search more specific. For example for the assignment title "What role can sport play in the regeneration of a city?" keywords would be sport - regeneration - city

Think of alternative keywords: 

For example, 'young' could also be referred to as 'youth' or 'adolescent'. Or, think of the bigger picture. For example, instead of searching for 'boys' or 'girls', try searching for 'gender'. For the example above an alternative for regeneration might be 'development or renewal.'

Search for phrases in "double quotation marks": 

For example, "barriers to participation". This will search for the phrase as a whole, instead of the individual words.

What to do if a journal article is not available in the Library

If we don't have a journal article or conference proceeding in stock, we can ask another library to email a copy to you via our Document Supply Service.

While it may not be possible to get absolutely everything, the vast majority of articles can be obtained this way.

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