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Finding eBooks in Library Search

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The Library aims to have both eBook and print versions of books as we know both formats are important especially when studying away from the University. Unfortunately publishers do not always offer an eBook in a format suitable for library use, or it is not available at the time we order the print version.

How to find eBooks

  • Go to the Library Gateway at:
  • Search for your keywords in Library Search e.g contemporary art.
  • To the left of your search results click on Books / eBooks and Online.
  • Choose a book and follow the link(s) available under Find online. The links will either say View online at: or the name of an eBook provider.

Document Supply Services

If you cannot find and access the item you need using Library Search or your subject guide, then please make a request using the Document Supply Services form and we will do our best to provide you with digital access to what you need.

Bloomsbury online resources

Key subject numbers for Fine Art

709 Fine Art shelfmarkBooks are arranged in the library by shelfmarks. Each book has a number followed by at least two letters. Signs on the end of shelves tell you what numbers are on the shelves. Books with the same or similar numbers will deal with related topics.

Useful shelfmark numbers for Fine Art

Aesthetics 701.1
Art from specific countries 709.4-709.9
Art Deco 709.04012
Artists 709.2 A-Z
Arts management 706.8
Art therapy 615.85156
Body art 391.65
Cubism 709.04032
Environmental  and land art 709.04076
Graffiti 751.73
Impressionism 709.0344
Installations 709.0407
Museums and galleries 708
Performance art 709.04074
Photography 770
Pop art 709.04071
Portraits 704.942
Postmodernism 701.18
Public art 710
Surrealism 709.04063
Women in art 709.9424

Check your module reading list to find the essential resources for your course. Search for the title or code of the module.