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Welcome to the subject guide for Art

Embroidery class Sheffield School of Art c.1910

Embroidery class Sheffield School of Art c.1910

Welcome to the subject guide for Art. Here you will discover how to find books, journals and information for your work. Please use the tabs on the left to look at the different sections.

Big Read Events

An Afternoon with Artist, Illustrator and Mental Health Advocate Chris Sav 

29/01/2020     1430 - 1630        Adsetts 6619 

After gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art from Southampton Solent University Chris Sav found himself unemployed.

During this time he started Disapppointman, a weekly comic that focuses on men's mental health issues using comedy and relatable situations. 

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CALM began publishing Disappointman, which led him to have multiple commissions for his songwriting and illustrations including; Rethink Mental Illness, British Hip Hop duo Adam and Cuth, and the Urban Orchard Project.

His musical comedy act Chris and the Celeriac has also played at the Green Man Festival and has been featured on radio 6 Music. 

He continues to explore mental health issues and the stigma surrounding them through his creative outputs, which include attempts to start his boy band and outlandish performances featuring a fish-man who can't swim as well as his illustrations. 

His talk in Adsetts Library will be focusing on how he has used cartoons and comedy to understand and deal with his mental health, and how highlighting the absurdity of everyday life can make it easier to live with. 


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An Afternoon with Dr Zoe Baker and Eluned Parrott Image result for unite foundation logo

05/02/2020   1400 - 1600 (TBC)   Collegiate Campus Main Hall 

Dr Zoe Baker and Eluned Parrot will be holding a talk about the factors that can affect higher education access and success. 

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An Afternoon with Author and Broadcaster Lemn Sissay Image result for lemn sissayMBE 

04/03/2020      1400 - 1500 (TBC)    Dorothy Fleming Lecture Theatre 

The award-winning author, poet, playwright, broadcaster and speaker released his first book of poetry in 1988 at the age of 21.

In 1995 he went on to make his first documentary about his life, Internal Flight.

Lemn Sissay focuses his work around the care system in the UK, including his time in it after he was put into care at 2 months old.

His Ethiopian mother was placed in a mother and baby unit in Wigan after she had come to Britain to study. He was taken from her and went from care home to care home where he was physically, emotionally and racially abused.

You can read more about his upbringing in his book My Name is Why, which you can borrow from Hallam's Library by clicking here.

His 2005 drama Something Dark focused on his search for his family.

And, after it was adapted for BBC Radio 6 in 2006,  it went on to win the UK Commission for Racial Equality's Race in the Media award (RIMA). His vast achievements also include being the official poet of the London 2012 Olympics and a BAFTA nomination in 2019.

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