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The Big Read 2021-22

Cover of How to Save Our Planet by Professor Mark Maslin, published by PenguinHello! 

A very warm welcome to The Big Read! This project was developed in 2019 with hopes of bringing staff and students together by providing a common ground on which to build meaningful connections and friendships. Each year we pick a book that we think our Hallam community will enjoy reading and talking about. The best part of The Big Read is you get a free copy of the book

This year's Big Read book is How to Save Our Planet: The Facts by Professor Mark Maslin, an important book for anyone who wants to learn more about the climate emergency and what action we can take. Written for everybody, we hope our Big Read 2021-22 will get you talking about climate change and sharing ideas for action. 

We will be running events and activities connected with the book and its themes throughout this academic year. In the meantime, get your free copy and enjoy reading and talking about climate change. If, when you have finished the book, you don’t want to keep your copy, please pass it on or drop it back at your campus library. 

We would also love to see you reading How to Save Our Planet: tag a photo of yourself reading #Hallambigread2021. And do get in touch with your recommendations for other books and resources to help our community learn more about climate change! 


Getting your free copy

If you want to get a free copy of How to Save Our Planet: the Facts, you can either:

Get in touch

You can contact the Big Read team at the email address: