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The Big Read 2021-22

The Climate Emergency Collection 



To make it easier to discover the plentiful material we have in the Libraries, and to break the boundaries between different subject areas, we have created the Climate Emergency Collection . One of the many collections in the library, this collection brings together thousands of the books and recordings in the Libraries which relate to the Climate Emergency: to reflect the differing aspects of the climate emergency, the collection is divided into five themes:


The collection and thematic sub-collections can be browsed, but are also searchable if you want to look for specific items.

This collection is intended to support work, interests, and development across the whole university; so please make use of it as you wish!

Recommend books for the collection

This is a living collection, which will expand and grow as more content is added to our libraries  And we'd like you to contribute to that expanding content by suggesting new books and other material we can add to the collection! If you think we ought to have a title which we don't already have in stock, please suggest it to us using this form:

Suggest a book for the library