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Construction, Surveying and Real Estate

How the subject guide can help you with your studies

Welcome to the Construction, Surveying and Real Estate subject guide. This guide will help you discover how to find the books, journals and other information you need for your assignments.

This is an image of Park Hill flats.

Photo credit: Dave Ball, Sheffield Hallam University

How to use the guide

Use the menu on the left hand side of the screen to find out more about specific resources e.g. books, journals and databases.

New books in the Library related to the Built Environment

Here you can find examples of newly purchased books or eBooks that have found a home in the Library collections.

The books here have been selected either because they are listed on the Reading List Online for one of your modules or they have been selected by your subject librarian. The contents of this box changes often as we purchase books all year long!

What are Reading Lists?

Most reading lists for the Built Environment are available in the University's Reading List Online (RLO) system.

This means that you have one list for each module which includes links to the resources your lecturers recommend for each module including:

  • information about books’ availability
  • links to our online resources, including e-books and journal articles
  • scanned extracts of key readings

You can find links to your reading list from the homepage of your Blackboard module/course content.

Think of the reading list as your starting point within each subject! It has been designed to develop your subject knowledge and you can develop further by searching in Library Search for other resources related to your module.

How can I get more support from the Library?

Get in contact!

Library Chat is 24/7 and is here to help! We also have a range of guides that can help:

Adsetts Library [map pdf]
Collegiate Library [map pdf]

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