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Construction, Surveying and Real Estate

Technical and regulatory information

Here are a range of professional related sources that can help you find technical information.

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Building regulations

You can find out more about building regulations and planning in the following sources.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors: New Rules of Measurement

Use the most up to date information!

How to find contracts

Looking for Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) contracts?

  • Take a look in the database - Construction Information Services. 
  • You can find out more and the full range of JCT contracts at the JCT website.
  • You can also take a look in Library Search and use the name of the contract, the term - Joint Contracts Tribunal - or the name of a book you find on the JCT website.

Looking for New Engineering Contracts (NEC)?

  • You can find out more and the full range of NEC contracts at the NEC website.
  • You can also take a look in Library Search and use the name of the contract or the term - NEC.
  • You can also take a look at the Library Search link below to find all the books related to NEC3 or NEC4 with NEC in the book title.

If you need any help finding contracts, get in contact using Library Chat.

If there is a contract or book related to a contract that the library does not have in stock, you can use the free Document Supply Service to request a copy or the Suggest a Purchase form.

What is the difference between the two options?

That's a great question! The Document Supply Service will provide you with a loaned copy form another Library which will have to be returned after the loan period. If you use the Suggest a Purchase form this will be sent to your subject librarian and they will consider whether to purchase the book for the collection or recommend the Document Supply service.

British Standards

Standards set out a common technical specification to ensure products and processes are safe and consistent.

They are used in all areas of construction and engineering.  

Other standards

We have major collections of broad-ranging standards from two other organisations.

You can access all current standards from each organisation as PDFs, as well as some withdrawn and draft material.