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Construction, Surveying and Real Estate

What can I expect to find in this section?

You need a variety of skills to help you complete your assignments.

Whether you are:

  • preparing for your dissertation
  • keen to find out more about research methods
  • looking to develop your academic writing
  • working in a group
  • participating in a presentation

... the library has a range of resources to support you!

Dissertation books

We have a range of dissertation support books in the Adsetts Library. 

Here are specific examples related to completing a dissertation within the Built Environment. You can find other examples of relevant books in Library Search.

Dissertations and theses collections

Before you begin your dissertation, you may want to look at a range of dissertations or theses.

The Library has a small collection of print dissertations across a range of subjects. You can search for print or online dissertations by using Library Search or going direct to one of the two databases listed below.

If you have not used Library Search to find print dissertations before, there is an FAQ in this box to help you find the content you need.

Make sure you check the degree level of the dissertation or theses you are viewing.

Dissertations can range from undergraduate to PhD theses and require varying levels of complexity and detail.

SAGE research methods

When you are starting to plan your dissertation, you will find it useful to look at Sage Research Methods.

The material within the database can help you find out more about different research methods, project plans or help you decide which statistical test to use!

Sage Research Methods (SRM) is a fantastic collection of books and case studies exploring and illustrating research methods for the social sciencesYou can browse within SRM to different disciplines e.g. Engineering or Geography and limit your results to the type of information you need e.g. books or statistical sources.

Books include Little Green Books and Little Blue Books, short guides to quantitative and qualitative research methods

  • Over 1000 case studies illustrating research methods
  • SRM Project Planner - accessible advice on every stage of the research process from defining a question to writing up and sharing your research

If you are unsure if the research method or analysis can be applied to your subject of study or assignment, contact a member of the teaching team within the module.

Research methods and research skills

This is a selection of research methods books that you could choose from.

If you would like to find more explore the library collection by searching Library Search or ask your lecturer for recommendations. 

Writing for university assignments

The books listed in this box relate to academic writing and are not subject specific to Construction, Real Estate or Surveying.

You can find other examples of writing skills books in Library Search.

Working in a group at university

This is a selection of books related to communication and inter team skills.

You can find other examples of relevant books in Library Search.

Presentation skills

The books listed in this box relate to presentation skills.

You can find other examples of relevant books in Library Search.

Working on technical drawings

The books listed in this box relate to drawing skills.

You can find other examples of relevant books in Library Search.