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How to solve a problem like researching for your first science assignment!

1. What will I learn in this section?

This is an image of a stack of books.

We will cover:

  • Whether your confidence has improved from when you began working through this guide to when you finished this guide.
  • What actions to take to get further support or help extend your learning based on your confidence levels.

2. Congratulations

You have completed the guide.

Hopefully, you are now more likely to understand how to research for assignments than when you began the guide!  In this section of the guide you can find ways to get more help and a short evaluation survey.

This is a picture of a light bulb.                      Activity 1: Before you began, we asked you how confident you feel about searching for information for assignments at university.  All you need to do is to select the radio button that best describes your confidence levels. 

All responses on the polls are anonymous.

How confident do you feel in being able to find a review journal article published in the last 5 years in a high quality academic journal?
Very confident: 7 votes (25.93%)
Confident: 14 votes (51.85%)
OK: 4 votes (14.81%)
Not confident: 1 votes (3.7%)
Need help: 1 votes (3.7%)
Total Votes: 27

3. How confident do you feel now when researching for information?

Here are actions for you to take to build and develop your skills further support depending on where your confidence levels are now.

For all students regardless of confidence levels, we recommend:

  • boosting your writing skills by taking a look at the Ten top tips for scientific writing guide.
  • tapping into subject specific study skills books that will help you with a range of assignments in the Library resources to help with specific assignments section of the Biosciences and Chemistry subject guide.
  • looking at the Skills Centre pages and booking a place on an appropriate to you workshop.


If you feel very confident or confident:  

  • book a place on a ProQuest RefWorks classes and move to using an online referencing tool.
  • decide how to keep up to date with your subject. You can find a range of approaches in the Bioscience and Chemistry guide listed below.


If you feel OK: 

  • consolidate your research skills by taking a look at SearchStart. This is an introduction to searching for information and is suitable for all students that join Hallam in their first year.
  • if you need referencing support, book yourself a place on a APA Referencing workshop.


If you feel not very confident or need help:

  • book a one to one with your subject librarian.
  • talk to an adviser in the Skills Centre.
  • book yourself a place on a APA Referencing class if you need more referencing support.

Here are links to the resources or services recommended above:

4. Your opportunity to provide feedback on this guide

This is a picture of a light bulb.                      Activity 2: Feedback

We are keen to know if the guide has helped you. There is a short survey below for you to complete. There are 3 questions, all answers are anonymous and it should take less than 1 minute to complete!