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How to solve a problem like researching for your first science assignment!

1. Choose the study space that suits you

There are a range of study spaces in the library to choose from.

The library has a range of study areas depending on how you want to work. Each space has been set up to help encourage different study approaches.

You can study:

  • collaborative work is a huge part of your time at Hallam, and library collaborative spaces are great if you want to work with friends and course mates either side by side or on a group project.
  • quiet spaces for those who like a small amount of background noise whilst studying, you’ll find plenty of quiet areas in the libraries.
  • silent spaces for when you prefer to work without any noise or background conversations.
  • take a break areas for when you need a break from studying. You can find social spaces in the library cafes  on Level 4 Adsetts, and Level 0 Collegiate. The cafes also provide access to hot water and a microwave which are available 24/7.

Choose the space that fits how you like to work! 

You can find out more about the 24 hour study spaces in the library below including:

  • what learning spaces are available
  • how to book a study space
  • how to use a learning space without booking
  • how to find a library space

                             Activity 1:  Go to the 24 hour study spaces page and find out what your preferred type of study space would be!


                             Activity 2: You now know the range of study spaces in the libraries. Which type of study space would be your first choice?

My preferred type of study space is...
Apple Mac: 1 votes (2.33%)
Assitive Technology Resource: 2 votes (4.65%)
Booth / table: 11 votes (25.58%)
Collaborative room: 6 votes (13.95%)
Desk only: 8 votes (18.6%)
Individual room: 6 votes (13.95%)
PC: 4 votes (9.3%)
Specialist PC: 0 votes (0%)
Cafe: 1 votes (2.33%)
Non bookable space like sofas or comfy seats.: 4 votes (9.3%)
Total Votes: 43

2. How to create a study space at home

Libraries are always happy to see their users but sometimes you may need to study at home or off campus. Here is our guide to help set up a study space at home!

Our first tip is put a plant in the space that you plan to work in! It is a really nice way to personalise your space! 

3. Take a break

Congratulations you have completed two sections! 

Time to take a break - maybe grab a piece of fruit for a mid study snack!