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Subject guide providing support for Economics, Finance and Accounting.

Market research sources

Market research reports provide detailed business analysis of specific market sectors and are usually produced by companies such as Mintel, Euromonitor or MarketLine.  They either conduct their own research or will gather information conducted by another research organisation.  Each report will usually include information about the main companies in that sector, their relative market share, statistics about the size of the market, current issues affecting the industry, information about customers and more.  

Reports will usually be focused on a market sector or product, e.g. clothing retail or home entertainment. However, reports are often produced about trends, e.g. healthy eating or specific consumers, e.g. millennials.

Unless you need a historical perspective, try to find the latest report on your product or service.  If you can't find any reports on your industry sector in the market research databases listed above, it's always a good idea to try to think of other words that might describe your market sector (e.g. if you can't find anything on "food retail", you might try searching for "groceries" or "supermarkets").

Market research reports can be found using the following databases: