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UK Event Management Industry - Individual Company Analysis

We've bought a report detailing Event Management company information. From Plimsoll's own description:

"The Plimsoll Analysis Event Management provides you with the most up to date and comprehensive analysis of the top 1000 companies operating the market. Use it to benchmark your business's performance, Identify acquisitions, seek out successful companies to partner, understand the key movers and shakers in today's market."

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The White Book - Events Management

Company information

Company information includes news, annual reports and accounts, and company profiles.  Business Source Premier and MarketLine Advantage are good sources of company profiles and other information. UK law requires all public limited companies (PLCs - those listed on the stock market) to publish their annual report and accounts on their webpages, so these are easy to find.  Other types of company such as private limited companies are not required to publish their accounts in this way so the information may not be freely available.

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