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Library Help: SHU Links

SHULinks Help

About SHU Links

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is a software product which automatically links together online databases. It takes information from one resource and uses it to build links to other services that have related content.

For example, we can link results of searches in indexing databases to the electronic journals which contain the full text of the articles found.

Whenever you see the button simply click on it to see a menu of options. These options may include links to the full text of an article.

SHU Links FAQs

Will SHU Links always find full text?

How can I tell if electronic full text is available via SHU Links?

Why does SHU Links sometimes offer a link to the full text of the article and sometimes only a link to the journal?

What do I do if  the View full text online link does not work?

Why does the number of options in the SHU links window vary?

Why does the SHU Links button display even when there is no full text?

If the article I want isn't available online, how can I get it?

Possible problems with SHU Links

What do I do when I get a "bad URL" or "Error 404", or some other "not found" message?

When I follow a link to a newspaper article, why do I get the messsage "More than 3000 Results"?

I know that SHU subscribes to this e-journal but it is not appearing in the SHU Links window. Why not?

Why can't I see the SHU Links button sometimes?

Help! I'm still confused

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