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Visitors' guide to the Library: Electronic resources

This is a guide to Sheffield Hallam University Library for students and staff from other universities and members of the public.

Free online resources

Although the majority of Sheffield Hallam's electronic books and online journals are only available for staff and students of the university, there are a range of free resources that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

Photo credit: 'Working from home' by Dave Morris (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Free journals databases

Free electronic journals

Arts and media


Online resources in the library

Electronic journals

Visitors to the University's libraries can view a range of electronic journals. To access online resources for visitors find one of the Library Search PCs available throughout the libraries and click on the "visitor Access" button.   Bring a USB memory device so that you can save articles to read later or to print.   

Saving journal articles

To save,  open an article as a PDF, attach the USB memory device and click on the 'Save a copy' icon in the PDF options.  This will save the article that is open on screen to your memory stick as a PDF.

Printing journal articles

To print an article, follow the instructions above to save a copy to your USB stick.  Next, go to the Library Helpdesk, where a member of staff will show you how to print directly from your memory stick.  Printing costs the same as photocopying - see price list


Something not working?

If you have any problems using the electronic resources PCs, or saving and printing articles, please speak to a member of staff at the library helpdesk.

National and international statistics



Social sciences