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I want to use RefWorks or other tools

Making the most of RefWorks

You can explore Refworks by watching these videos:

Using ProQuest RefWorks with Microsoft Word Add-ins

ProQuest RefWorks has Add-ins for Microsoft Word and other word processors that allow you to put fully formatted citations from your ProQuest RefWorks account into a document. The add-ins can then generate and update a reference list or bibliography to match your citations. Using an add-in can help you spend less time on referencing and more time writing.

Which Add-in you can use depends on your computer equipment and software.

Choosing a referencing style

There are several places in ProQuest RefWorks where you can choose a referencing style. Whichever style you choose check that it conforms to the guidelines for your course.  

  • For APA 6th we recommend: APA 6th - American Psychological Association, 6th Edition
  • For APA 7th we recommend: APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI: 

Most proofreading corrections to references can be made in ProQuest RefWorks, meaning you only have to correct references once even if you use them in different pieces of work.  However, because using RefWorks for APA 7th style can alter the capitalisation of titles, you need to proofread titles in your work.

Please note APA 7 is now our standard referencing style which should be used by students unless they are directed by their course teaching team or have agreement to use another style.

Students who have already begun work using APA 6 should consult with lecturers or tutors to see if they can submit using APA 6 for that work, but will normally use APA 7 for any new work.  Research students should consult with supervisors on an appropriate referencing style.