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I want to use RefWorks or other tools

Bringing RefWorks into your documents

ProQuest RefWorks has Add-ins for Microsoft Word and other word processors that allow you to put fully formatted citations from your ProQuest RefWorks account into a document. The Add-ins can then generate and update a reference list or bibliography to match your citations. Using an Add-in can help you spend less time on referencing and more time writing.

Which Add-ins you can use depends on your computer equipment and software.  

Add-ins for Microsoft Word

There are two add-ins available for Microsoft Word: RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) and Write N Cite (WnC). Both offer the same functions.

In some versions of Word it is possible to install both RCM and WnC.  Though they offer the same features they work differently so you must stick with one Add-In for each document. 

WnC is installed on University network Windows devices but before deciding to use it remember that you may not be able to access it on your own device. 

Which Add-in should I use? 

For most students and staff RefWorks Citation Manager will be the first choice.  This is because it is the newest Add-in and therefore will work with the latest and future versions of Word. 

If you are already using Write N Cite you should continue to use it on documents you have already used Write N Cite with, but can start using RefWorks Citation Manager for new documents.  


Students and staff logged into Word with your Hallam account

You can install RCM or work with WnC:


Students and staff using a personal Office 365 account

Depending on your computer equipment and software you should be able to install RCM or WnC:

Install RefWorks Citation Manager

Installing RCM   

Add-ins are tools  that can be added to Microsoft Word through the Get Add-ins option in an open Word document.  Depending on your device or your version of Microsoft Office you will find Get Add-ins in different places in Microsoft Word. 

FInding the Get Add-ins option in a Word document

Try one of these options in the Word ribbon menu:

  • Click on File >> Get Add-ins
  • Click on Home >> Add-ins >> get Add-ins
  • Click on Insert >> Get Add-ins

Students and staff logged into Office 365 with your Hallam account:

  • Word Store will be disabled.   Click On ADMIN-MANAGED (above the message that Word Store is not available).
  • Click on RefWorks Citation Manager and select Add at the bottom of the screen.

Students and staff who have personal access to Microsoft Word.

  • In the Word Store, search for RefWorks.
  • Click on RefWorks Citation Manager and select Add at the bottom of the screen.

Install Write N Cite

Installing Write N Cite

Write N Cite is already installed on most University Managed Windows devices.  These instructions are for you own devices. 

Close all Word documents before installing Write N Cite. 

You will not be able to install Write N Cite if:

  • You are using Windows with Word 2019 or later.
  • You are using a Mac with Word 2016 or later.
  • You are using a Chromebook.

Add-ons for Google Docs

Google Docs has it's own ProQuest RefWorks Add-on which works in a similar way to the to the Word Add-ins.  You can save Google Docs as Word documents for submission.  

Instructions for installing RefWorks Add-on

  • Open  a blank Google Doc
  • Click on Add-ons >> Get Add-ons
  • Search for ProQuest RefWorks
  • Click on the RefWorks Add-on to see full description
  • Click on Install

To create a Word document  for submission:

  • Click on File >> Download and select Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Allow time to check the Word version before submitting. 

Google Docs does not have all the features available in Word but in many cases these can be added through further Add-ons.   For example if you you need to add captions to tables or images in your document, there is a choice of Add-ons to enable you to do this.