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Finding books on the shelves

Books are arranged in the library by shelfmarks. Each book has a number followed by at least two letters. Signs on the end of shelves tell you what numbers are on the shelves. Books with the same or similar numbers will deal with related topics.

If you would like to browse the shelves for books relating to Design, they can be found at the following shelfmarks:

Animation / cartoons 741.58 level 5
Brands / Branding 658.827 level 5
Design 745 level 5
Design education 745.407 level 5
Designers  745.4492 A-Z level 5
Display of merchandise 659.157 level 5
Ergonomics 620.82 level 5
Fashion 391 level 3
Fashion drawing 741.672 level 5
Furniture design 749.2 level 5
Graphic design 741.6 level 5
Interior architecture 729 level 5
Interior design 747 level 5
Jewellery & Metalwork 739 level 5
Packaging design 658.564 level 5
Photography 770 level 5
Product design 745.2 level 5
Product development and innovation 658.575 level 5
Technical drawing 604.2 level 5
Textiles 746 level 5
Typography 686.22 level 5

Document Supply Services

If you cannot find and access the item you need using Library Search or your subject guide, then please make a request using the Document Supply Services form and we will do our best to provide you with digital access to what you need.

Finding eBooks in Library Search

The Library aims to have both eBook and print versions of books as we know both formats are important especially when studying away from the University. Unfortunately publishers do not always offer an eBook in a format suitable for library use, or it is not available at the time we order the print version.

How to find eBooks

  • Go to the Library Gateway at:
  • Search for your keywords in Library Search e.g "zero waste".
  • To the left of your search results click on Books / eBooks and Online.
  • Choose a book and follow the link(s) available under Find online. The links will either say View online at: or the name of an eBook provider.

Specialist eBooks collections

Multidisciplinary eBook collections

The Library has a range of eBook collections. You can search Library Search to find eBooks about many different subjects and that approach may be quicker than searching individual collections. You can also browse or search with the collections directly.

Dictionaries and encyclopaedias

Research methodologies and SAGE Research Methods

Sage Research Methods is a methods library with more than 1000 books, reference works, journal articles, and instructional videos by world-leading academics from across the social sciences.  It is designed to guide users to the content you need to learn a little or a lot about your method. 

Need to find a Method? Explore the Methods Map below (click on the image):


Type a method such as "case study" or "focus group" into the widget below to get to books and videos on SAGE Research Methods: