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Engineering, Electronics, Materials science and Mathematics

Finding articles on a particular subject

In many cases, you can find journal articles using Library Search. But there is a huge range of specialist databases which provide more sophisticated searches for journal articles in many different engineering disciplines.

Most of these databases will include similar material alongside journal articles, most commonly trade papers or conference proceedings.

Depending on your course or assignment, you may find several sets of journal databases useful: so, for example, if you are doing automotive engineering, as well as the dedicated Automotive engineering databases, at different stages of your course you might find the some of databases for All courses, Mechanical and manufacturing engineering, Materials science, and Design engineering useful. You can use the menu on this page to navigate to the suitable databases for your course.

Journals for all courses

These are enormous, general-purpose science and technology databases, suitable for all courses in engineering. They also all offer citation searching to make it easier to find more relevant articles..

Journals for mechanical and manufacturing engineering

Rusted Engine by hyperlux, from morgueFile database.

Photo credit: 'Rusted Engine' by hyperlux via morgueFile

Journals for electronics, electrical engineering, networks and telecommunications

Journals for materials science

There are several journal databases for materials, each focusing on a different type of material or aspect of material science. However, most of them use the same interface and work in a similar way.

Journals for mathematics

There are several journal databases which are not dedicated solely to mathematics, but which contain a very large number of articles on mathematics amongst other subjects. Please see the Journals for all courses box on this page for more information.

Journals for design engineering

Journals for railway engineering

Journals for automotive engineering

Journals for aerospace engineering

Currently the only AIAA journal we subscribe to is Journal of Aircraft. However, you can obtain articles from the other AIAA journals for free within a couple of days via the document supply service. The first two databases both index the AIAA journals, so that you can find articles from them.

Journals for food engineering

Civil engineering

Journals for physics

Journals for medical technology & sport engineering

This is a big topic, and you can also find useful resources in other subject guides, such as Nursing and Midwifery, Biosciences and Chemistry, and Health.

Journals for management, logistics and operations

Foundry by matei, from morgueFile database.

Photo credit: 'Foundry' by matei via morgueFile

Journals for the environment & health and safety

Keeping up to date with the latest issues of journals: Browzine

As well as directly searching for specific subjects, there are also tools which will let you browse through journals and keep up to date with the contents of new issues of key titles.

What to do if a journal article is not available in the Library

If we don't have a journal article or conference proceeding in stock, we can ask another library to email a copy to you via our Document Supply Service. While it may not be possible to get absolutely everything, the vast majority of articles can be obtained this way.