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About this section - why you need to use good quality literature

This section will help you to develop the skills you need to find your journal articles and other resources to support your academic work. You will need to develop good research skills in order to find the best literature for your topic. The resources here will help you to construct a comprehensive research strategy and apply it to the different databases to find your journal articles. You will find the relevant databases in the above 'Journal Databases' tab.

It's really important in the Healthcare field to find good quality, up to date literature and evidence! This is a useful reading list for getting started on research in Healthcare:

You may also need to use the evidence resources to find information for your academic work. You can find these in the Evidence Based Research Resources Tab:

Search Start

Getting started with databases: quick video guides

The three minute videos below introduce you to some of the key databases for your subject areas.

Developing Skills for Finding and Using Journal Literature

To find out about Journals have a look at the Journal articles section of SearchStart. To find out how to access articles on and off campus, have a look at the section on finding articles in Library Search here.

Developing your research skills for study - interactive resource

Keeping a record of your research

It's important when you begin your research to keep a record of where you found it. After all, you may want to revisit it and if you don't know where you got it from, this will be difficult to do! Also, your tutors and peers may want to find your resource, too. Keeping a record of your search strategies is helpful, not only for this, but as evidence that your academic work is developed using good quality resources. You may also need to replicate your research strategy as part of your assignment. Your assessment brief will give you more information about how to present this, if necessary.

The best way to keep a record is to create a table where you can logically map your research strategy. Here is an example of how your table could look:

Database Keywords/Phrases Alternative Keywords/Database Headings Limts or filters (eg Date, Language, Peer Review) Number of results Notes/Reflections
Medline anxiety AND fast hearbeat     3 try other keyterms
    anxiety OR worry OR panic AND fast heartbeat OR tachycardia (database heading)




 You may also need to produce a PRISMA flowchart (mostly for final year students). You can find information on how to do that here:

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Systematic Reviews

If you are doing a systematic review, you might want to take a look at these resources which will help you to undertake your systematic review.

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