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Why use Journals and Databases?

It is important to scan key journals in your subject area to keep up to date.

It's really important in the Health and Social Care field to find good quality, up to date literature and evidence! 

To search the literature in a comprehensive and structured way, you should use the databases that are relevant to your subject.

The links to the most relevant databases for health research are in the Journal Databases tab. You can find more help and support on using the databases effectively in the section in this guide.


Subject Librarian Support.

Literature searching is a key skill for students on Health courses. We know it can be quite daunting to remember all of the information you are told in the literature searching sessions and that you may need a little extra help.


Getting started with databases: quick video guides

In order to find the best quality literature and evidence for your studies, you need to know how to use the databases. 

The three minute videos below introduce you to some of the key databases for your subject areas, and some of the functions they contain.

For help on how to create effective search strategies, including using Boolean searching and other techniques, please see the section 'Finding the Literature' in this guide.

Key databases for Allied Health Professions

The databases in this list contain Health research and related research areas (such as Nursing and Social Care).

They index thousands of journal articles in these disciplines and may also link to the article full text. The descriptions below each database detail the coverage of that database.

It is a good idea to read these to see if that particular database is of use to your research.

For more help on creating an effective search strategy to use in the databases, see the 'Finding the Literature' section of this guide.

Multidisciplinary databases with Allied Health content

It may be that you need to widen your net to find more articles and evidence for your studies.

The databases in this list cover lots of different disciplines, not exclusive to health research, although many contain Health and Social Care content. They index thousands of journal articles and may also link to the full text. 

SCOPUS and Web of Science are also citation databases, which may help you to track down related research to your area of study.

For more information on citation searching (or pearl growing / snowballing as it may also be known), see the section 'Finding the Literature' in this guide.

Management and Market Research databases

The Management databases have content which includes managing in the Health sector, useful if you are looking at topics around staff development and management within and of the Health Service.

The market research databases will be useful to anyone studying Dietetics, for your product development assessments

Research databases