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Legacy RefWorks upgrade to ProQuest RefWorks


On 30 June 2023 Legacy RefWorks will no longer be available.  

  • This guide is for RefWorks users who have Legacy RefWorks accounts.  It sets out the steps you need to take to maintain access to the contents of your accounts after June.   
  • If you are only using a new ProQuest RefWorks account you do not need this guide.  Access to your account will not change.  

You can check which version of RefWorks you are using by checking the web address in your browser and by how your account looks. 

Compare Legacy RefWorks and ProQuest RefWorks
RefWorks Version Web address starts Appearance Logo

Legacy RefWorks

This version of RefWorks will close 30 June 2023

Banner includes a red logo.

Folder navigation is on the right.

Legacy RefWorks logo

ProQuest RefWorks

ProQuest RefWorks is not changing.   If you do not have a Legacy RefWorks account your access will not be affected.

Banner has only white text on blue.

Folder navigation is on the left. 

ProQuest RefWorks logo

Where will I find my references after the upgrade?

The upgrade process will put references from your Legacy account into a Project in ProQuest RefWorks. 

If you had more than one account, either multiple accounts in Legacy RefWorks, or both Legacy accounts and a ProQuest RefWorks account, then your references from these accounts will be in different Projects. Most users start with an Untitled Project in ProQuest RefWorks and this is where you will probably find your recent references. 

You will need to switch between projects to see all your references. You can select which project to look at in the bar at the top of ProQuest RefWorks: 

Image of ProQuest RefWorks interface: Switch Projects

ProQuest RefWorks will remember the last Project you viewed so you should not need to keep switching Projects. 

If you still cannot see your references after switching Projects: 

More about Projects: 

Timeline for closing Legacy RefWorks

We have now completed the institutional upgrade to ProQuest RefWorks.  Legacy RefWorks account holders should have received email notification.   A few accounts were not upgraded and we will look at those accounts to resolve outstanding upgrade problems.


  • 20 June 2023 Institutional upgrade: Legacy RefWorks accounts that have at least one reference and have been logged into within the last 10 years (1st June 2013) will be upgraded to ProQuest RefWorks.
  • 30 June 2023 Legacy RefWorks will be switched off. 
  • Between 30 June 2023 and 28 October 2023 RefWorks account information will be retained by RefWorks so that accounts can be recovered if there are problems with account upgrades. 

Your legacy account will remain available until Legacy RefWorks is switched off so if there are problems with the upgrade you can continue to work with your legacy account while this is resolved.  Once the account is successfully upgraded we recommend you do not make any changes to your legacy account. 

I have a legacy RefWorks account. What should I do next?

When your account is upgraded on 20 June you should get an email telling you how to access your new account.   For help with your upgraded account please see:  

After the upgrade you may also need to update documents created using Word Add-ins:

More information about ProQuest RefWorks

More information about, and support for, using ProQuest RefWorks:

Adsetts Library [map pdf]
Collegiate Library [map pdf]

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