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Legacy RefWorks upgrade to ProQuest RefWorks

Folders that have been shared with you

You may have access to folders in your Legacy RefWorks account that were shared with you by someone else.

These will not  appear in your new Proquest RefWorks account

To regain access to the shared folder, contact the person who shared the folder with you originally and ask them to share the folder with you again in their new RefWorks account.

If you are uncertain if the person who shared the folder will be able to share it again, you may be able to export a copy of the shared folder from Legacy RefWorks (depending on the level of sharing/permission enabled) before 30th June 2023.  Instructions on how to export the references of a shared folder to retain its content can be found on this page about working in a shared folder or database

After 30th June, the only way to access a shared Legacy RefWorks folder would be if the person who's account held the folder originally to have had their account upgraded and for them to re-share it with you.

Folders that you have shared

Folders you shared in Legacy RefWorks will not automatically be shared with your colleagues in their Proquest RefWorks accounts. 

Any folders that you shared in Legacy RefWorks should be shared again in ProQuest RefWorks after upgrading the account.

There is information on this page about how to share the folder  in you new RefWorks account.

Shared databases

If you had access to Legacy RefWorks account that was a shared database for a research project, this account will be upgraded if it meets the criteria for institutional upgrade or if the owner upgrades the account. Once upgraded it will only be available to whoever created the account.

Whichever email address was used in the account profile will be the email address created for the new ProQuest RefWorks account and will be the address that the account content is transferred to.

If you are not the owner, ask the user whose email is associated with the legacy account to share the Project that matches the Legacy RefWorks database in their Proquest RefWorks account with you.

If you are uncertain if the person who shared the Legacy RefWorks database with you will be able to share it again, you should take steps to retain access  before the 30th June 2023.  Depending on how the RefWorks database was shared you may be able to export the references from Legacy RefWorks if the level of sharing/permissions you were given enables you to do this. Alternatively if you know the login details for the Legacy RefWorks account you can try importing the references into a project in your Proquest RefWorks account.  

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