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Making the most of your Library on and off-campus

Using Library Search to find online resources only

Whilst you are studying from home, or elsewhere off-campus, you may want to limit your search results to those materials which are available online. You can do this by following these instructions: 

  • Type your keywords, book title or research topic into Library Search.
  • Select the option for Online. This is under the Availability filter on the left hand side of the screen.
  • This will limit your results to just those items available online.

The short video below demonstrates how to do this.

Extended access to electronic resources during the initial COVID-19 lockdown

To support universities through the initial COVID-19 lockdown, a number of publishers were offering libraries free access to a range of resources, including books, journals and videos. Access began in March 2020, but that free access period for most has now expired.

If you are wanting to consult a resource that we had access to, but which has now been removed from Library Search, or is not available on your reading list, please contact us with details using the Resources on Request (RoR) service and we will look at the possibility of purchasing the item. We are also working to identify in demand textbooks to make available electronically.

RoR has been created to facilitate your access to our extended resources, and in recognition that our normal inter library loan and document supply services are suspended.

How to use eBooks

Staff and students have access to the library's collection of eBooks (full-text electronic books). You can find and access eBooks through Library Search.  All the eBooks we offer can be read on any computer connected to the internet.

You are often able to print or copy pages from an eBook, but the number of pages you will be able to print or copy will be limited by the publisher using DRM (Digital Rights Management). Once these limits are reached, the publisher will not allow you to print or copy any further text. The DRM that publishers apply also means that, in general, our eBooks cannot be transferred to eBook readers such as the Kindle.

How to use eJournals and databases


Have a look at SearchStart and it'll give you a helping hand to find resources for your work. There's some information about other university services you can use as well. There are videos and interactive quizzes so you can check your understanding along the way.